The Right Mobile App Partner Makes All The Difference

You’re a medium-sized business and you’ve been budgeting for the creation of an exciting new app that’ll provide your users and prospective customers the ability to order your services and products on demand.

Mobile App Partner Makes All The Difference

You’ve estimated that the traction this app will bring you will eventually give you the capabilities to expand. Now imagine you partner with a developer that doesn’t search for the most cost-effective ways to create your app, that doesn’t do enough mitigation of risks or take the time to optimize your app for performance.

This can happen with larger development enterprises that churn their apps out as quickly as possible, or with entrepreneurs that focus on creating something particularly impressive – whether or not it turns out to be functional or necessary.

When Snapchat discovered their new interface was unpopular among their core user base, they were established enough to bounce back from the financial losses, but would you be ready to take on such a burden?

The mobile app developer you partner with can make the experience a breeze or a nightmare, but what’s more is they can also determine whether your business experiences financial success or not.

If this is your business’ first app, it’s advisable you choose a developer that uses a lean process - this will ensure that post-launch, after all the initial excitement is over, your downloads and daily active users don’t drop due to weak user experience.

In a lean process, analysis of your core user base and prospective audience comes first, and no feature is added unless it’s backed by sufficient data. Of course, the way the interface looks is vital as well, but an app that looks good won’t bring in gains if users find it cumbersome or uncomfortable to use.

The key then is finding a developer that has real skill with both UI and UX design, and who can provide evidence for their decisions.

Furthermore, the last thing you want is to feel shut out of the development process, after all it is your business and you know your figures and audience better than anyone.

If yours is a Canadian business or you do a considerable amount of business in Canada, you’ll naturally want to partner with a leading mobile app developer in Canada - and you’ll also want a developer that democratizes the process a bit and uses you as a springboard for their ideas.

Guaraná Technologies based in Montreal and Toronto takes an informed path when designing all their apps and makes collaborating with their clients a priority.

They wererecently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2017 by and CrowdReviews, revered for taking an app idea from ideation, through to design, development and launch - providing clients with a one-stop-shop for anything from basic consultation to highly specialize AR and VR design.

New Mobile App Development Partner

Ensure the development agency creating your new application is going to provide you with a product that’ll boost your business rather than hinder its growth or create losses for your company.

The point of having an app is to remain relevant and connect with your customer and client-base instantly; it defeats the purpose if your app isn’t designed in a way that entices users.

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