Best Backup Practices for Small Business

If you run a small business, losing data can be catastrophic. In fact, studies have shown that "60% of companies that lose their data will close within 6 months of the disaster."

It's a pretty serious statistic, but it makes a lot of sense - after all, even if you could recreate years, if not months, of content, reports, communications, contracts, and more, it's going to take a long time.

Backup Practices for Small Business

Small business backup solutions like the ones below make it easy - and when it's affordable, flexible and easy to use, why take risks?

In order to protect your business's critical data, we've looked at some of the leading small business cloud solution providers, comparing their business plans to find the most versatile, reliable and affordable plans in the marketplace. Keep reading for the full list!

Good Backup solutions for small business

Jungle Disk

Most small businesses most times look out for good value. Jungle disk gives you the value that you need for your businesses.

The monthly plan is affordable for small business and start-up But features like business continuity and active directory backups that you find on other backup software is not available on jungle disk.

Jungle disk also offers server backups and accounting software like QuickBooks is part of the services they offer. Jungle disk monthly plan starts at $4 dollar per month for each user.


ADrive has just release their new mobile application. You now have the ability to download your backup data from any android or apple IOS device. This is a great service for sales team and small business owners.

You can also edit and save files with Zoho technologies. It gives you the ability to upload large files , giving you an ability to upload files of up to 16GG transfer ability.

ADrive gives a room for free trial when you signup as a business account with a starting plan of $7 dollar monthly.


With this backup software, you will get an automatic backup protection that is based  in the cloud with an ability to schedule your backups for each working day. It is a good option for small businesses.

MozyPro for Business

Mozypro synchronize gives you the ability to synchronize data when you are on your way home after work or when you are busy with other things. Mozypro  monthly plans starts at $13.89 for 10GB with option of one year plan or two years plan.


Most of the best developed small business backup services are offered by Acronis, starting from incremental backups to the ability to synchronize data directly from SharePoint, MS Exchange and more.

Backups to Acronis can  be performed from windows and Linux servers, as well as VMware and PC, not just cloud storage, but also network storage and local disk backup.

The data is protected using 256-bit AES encryption, as well as in transfer, and account administrators can create groups and change user permissions. You can also access the Bare Metal disk image to store complete system states.

A three year subscription with a free maintenance service and upgrades will cost you  €979 (about $1084) if you are looking for a server license, or €96  (about $106) if you only cover the workstations.

Alternatively, you can get permanent access to the Acronis software by signing up for a perpetual license, although you will not get upgrades and so on. under the agreement.


Box having Corporate client like GE, Balfour Beatty and Proctor, it's no surprise that Box has been designed for businesses - and we're pleased to announce that it's a good option for small and medium-sized businesses as well. SMEs. global companies.

Box Business subscriptions are offered for €12 (about $13,25) per user per month. They offer unlimited storage and integration with MS Office 365, but you will also need to manage a file size of 5 GB. Box is compatible with Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems, and offers 24-hour customer support.


IDrive gives you  a higher level  backup service for  your small businesses, encompassing the provider's excellent personal backup capabilities - including simple online data storage, and downloads from local and network devices - as well as additional business functionality.

iDrive – Universal Cloud Storage & Backup

For small businesses, you can run backups not only from your' personal computer, but also run backups from MS SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, Linux and MS SharePoint servers, while enjoying quick and easy data recovery with IDrive.

Express,  gives you the ability  to  send up to 3TB of your files to an encrypted hard drive in less than a week. Administrators has  different backup features such as, activity reports, remote management, and support for compliance procedures for legal, medical, financial, and accounting firm.

Packages begin at 250 GB (plus 25 GB of sync space) for an annual fee of $ 74.62 the first year, rising to $ 99.50 thereafter, and reach a maximum of 12.5 TB (and 12.5 TB) for $ 2249.62 - or $ 2999.50 in your second year.

There are also monthly plans with corresponding prices. Once configured, you'll be able to create an unlimited number of sub-accounts - each with a custom storage quota, the top 10 being free and all others available for a $ 20 annual fee.


CrashPlan has good record overtime as a personal backup provider, and has also expanded overtime and now provide premier cloud storage services to organizations.

In addition to unlimited storage, end-to-end encryption, and automated backups that characterize your personal plans, CrashPlan PRO account holders can manage multiple user accounts, change employee permissions, and view real-time reports.

In addition to this, subscribers will find free updates and updates to CrashPlan PRO on all user accounts, and will not encounter any limitations on the size of files or archives.

Best backup practices for small business - Conclusion

The use of backup solutions for small businesses is essential to ensure the smooth operation of start-up or small-scale businesses, and the vendors described above can certainly count on them to get the job done but instead of using backup you can use cloud based online inventory management solutions like EMERGE App. We hope we have helped you secure your data.

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