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We humans would go to any extent to find a way to kill time. One of the most preferred options to do so is playing games especially the online multiplayer ones. We won’t mind playing games for countless hours provided they are interesting. 

Even though the internet is bombarded with such games, there are very few that are worth your time. Recently, while I was searching for some decent online games, I stumbled upon “RummyCulture’. After trying it out, I can safely say that it is one of very few online rummy games that are worth playing. 


Before you get all sceptical, let me make it clear by saying contrary to what most Indians believe, rummy is totally legal in India. The Supreme Court of India has declared rummy as a game of skill and is completely legal, as it solely depends upon the player’s strategy and not on chance. 

And, we Indians have always been huge fans of rummy, so much so that we have our own variation of rummy which is called Indian rummy. A crossover between 500 rummy and gin rummy, this game slays time like it’s a piece of cake.

About RummyCulture

RummyCulture is a pretty famous online rummy platform that was launched in 2017. Since its release, it has managed to gain over one million active rummy players. RummyCulture is an online rummy platform where players can earn real cash. 

Once downloaded, you can just sign in to your account and can start playing with the million of existing rummy players. The thing that separates RummyCulture from the other online rummy games is also what makes it great, its constant efforts to provide seamless and safe online platform to all its players across India. 

How to play

RummyCulture makes it very easy for someone to play rummy online. You can either play the game online on their official site or can download the Android app from their site. Now, you have to sign in with your account and fill some required information to get started. 

RummyCulture advice its online players to first learn the rules of the online rummy game, which they can do without investing any cash. To get well versed with the game, you can try your hand at practice matches which do not require any cash in the RummyCulture wallet. 

How to Play Rummy Game Online

After regular practice, once you have managed to master the game, you can start playing in cash contests too. Just like a real rummy card game, this online game also helps its players develop some amazing strategies and secure some amazing cash prizes. As a result of regular practice, I have heard some people have won upwards of Rs 10000 in the game. 

How to make a cash withdrawal

RummyCulture promises safe and secure online cash withdrawals to its players. And, if you are one of those who likes to take care of your withdrawals only on your weekends, you can do that too. Basically, you can request your withdrawals on any day, be it Sunday or a bank holiday. 

If you send your withdrawal request before 3 p.m IST, then you will get the money deposited on the same day. And, the minimum withdrawal request that you can generate is just Rs 200.


While there are so many online rummy games available on the internet, RummyCulture seems like a better choice. It not only provides its user with an entertaining gaming experience but also a safe environment to make cash withdrawals. At the end of the day, when it comes to hard earned money through rummy, you just can’t risk it!

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