Top 3 Ways Facebook Advertising Impacts Your SEO Results

While many webmasters and search engine optimization expert agree on the importance of social signals with regards to search engine ranking, there is no universal agreement as to how social signals influence ranking. And for good reason.

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There is no way of understanding how much weight Google, Bing, and other search engines place on social signals unless you have access to the PageRank algorithm.

Nonetheless, it is common knowledge by now that social signals do play an important role in search engine optimization.  An effectively optimized social media strategy will play a role in improving your ranking on search engines.

Herein we are going to explore the top three ways Facebook ads influence the performance of your SEO efforts. Even though the vast majority of marketers use Facebook with the end-goal of selling products, there is more to Facebook advertising than trying to sell your products. You can use it to shore up your SEO efforts.

Shores Up Your Link Building Efforts

Link building is the cornerstone of search engine ranking. While there are many different rank signals, the link profile to any website is a critical component in as far as ranking is concerned. Considering that PageRank (Google’s ranking algorithm) essentially considers every backlink as a vote of confidence, the more high-quality backlinks a web page has, the better it will perform in SERPs.

You can use Facebook ads to naturally improve the links to your web pages. When you craft high-quality content and make use of a highly effective social media strategy including Facebook ads in your content marketing efforts, you not only increase the traffic to your website but improve the possibility of attracting new natural backlinks.

For starters, Facebook provides a great deal of highly accurate personal data which includes age, location, gender, interests, and much more. You can use this information to target a specific demographic that is more likely to resonate with your content.

This increases the possibility of your audience interacting with your posts and, therefore, your content. In turn, you increase the chances of getting social shares, likes, and more importantly, with regards to SEO, backlinks to your website.

 With an increase in the number and variety of backlinks to your website, you improve the performance of your web pages. Although this is a relatively convoluted means of obtained backlinks to your website, it is effective.

Improves Your Brands Visibility Which Improves Your SEO Performance

Talk with any SEO expert, especially those with a penchant for white hat SEO, and he or she will posit that strong brands tend to perform better in their SEO efforts. Consider this, the main function of any search engine is to provide the best search results possible.

As such, search engines will place an emphasis on ranking authoritative brands high as they are considered popular and renowned when compared to little-known brands.

You can use this knowledge and Facebook ads to your advantage to improve the performance of your SEO campaign and brand. For instance, instead of just using Facebook ads for lead generation and sales advertising, you can create ad campaigns to engage with your audience.

As mentioned above, you can implement highly targeted campaigns using Facebook. Such campaigns will not only increase interest in your brand on Facebook but they will inadvertently strengthen the social signals such as shares.

This has a positive effect on the visibility of your brand on Facebook, helping you attract more traffic to your website. Furthermore, the social shares and other related social signals improve the standing of your brand among the search engines as they increasingly view your brand as a major brand.

With time, your brand becomes synonymous with authority in your niche, allowing your website to rank better in the SERPs much easier and faster.

Upon your web pages attaining high ranks on search engines, you further improve your brand’s visibility on search engines. As such, you can grow your brand visibility quite easily not only on Facebook but also on Google by simply using Facebook ads.

You Can Leverage Facebook Advertising To Rank Your Facebook Page In Google

Have you ever searched for a keyword and found Facebook pages among the results? This is a clear indication that Google does pay attention to these pages. This is especially the case with branded keywords.

When people search for content and find Facebook pages in amongst the top ten links in search engine results pages, they tend to explore the pages owing to the common perception that a social profile will help you attain a more intricate understanding of a company.

When a social media profile performs exemplarily well and attract strong social media signals (shares and engagement), Google takes note of these activities and, therefore considers this as a strong indication of a strong brand.

When the search engines track sustained performance in as far as social signals are considered, the search engine goes ahead and ranks your Facebook page, usually along with your website page.

This improves your SEO performance which increases your brand visibility and overall traffic to your assets, both the website and Facebook page.

With the information above from, you can use Facebook ads to reach out to more of your target market, interact with them, and thereby increase your social signals. Facebook offers a unique opportunity for brands to interact with their clients and customers.

Instead of just using Facebook ads to sell products, you can promote your content that is not only entertaining but also uniquely educative. This will increase your interaction with your audience, strengthen your social signals.

It is little wonder that more and more businesses and brands a using Facebook ads to promote content rather than use Facebook ads purely for products sales.

In Conclusion

These are some of the benefits that businesses can accrue from implanting strategic and effective Facebook ads (and many of them are).

You can boost your organic ranking on major search engines by simply going the ‘engage your audience’ with your ads instead of trying to sell to Facebook users, who for the most part are not interested in making purchases when they are using the platform.

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