Simple Ways to Prevent Form Abandonment on Your Website

Over the past several years, there has been a huge amount of attention being given to cart abandonment, but little has been said about form abandonment. Sometimes the two correspond and other times they have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

Ways To Reduce Web Form Abandonment

A form could be anything from a subscription to an email list to a new account form which necessitates the collection of personal and financial information.

A huge number of customers and/or transactions are lost at this point each and every year, so it really is important to understand why forms are being abandoned and ways to prevent form abandonment.

Understand Why Forms Are Being Abandoned

The first step is to look at the forms on your site. Are they too lengthy, asking for too many fields to be filled out? Visitors to your site may tire of answering question after question and in frustration, leave your site altogether.

Actually, there is a much quicker way to authenticate who they are and whether or not they are a spambot. There are web-based services that provide a fast and easy identity verification based on two fields; a name and a phone number.

Cognito is an industry leader in quick and easy identity verification services and if the user can’t be identified from a phone number, their service moves on to the last four digits of the user’s social security number.

Customers can be verified in real time so that you aren’t forced to take them through question after question just to see if they are who they say they are.

Invest in Identity Verification Services

Since at least 2/3 of all shopping carts are abandoned and a high percentage of those are due to difficult verification processes, wouldn’t it stand to reason to invest in an identity verification service?

Identity verification service

Then there are the other types of forms which are abandoned midway for the same reason. With the success rate of verification being provided with just those two fields (name and phone number), the user is then taken swiftly to the checkout or completion tab.

Motivate Them to Complete the Process

So far, abandonment has centered on the design and verification process involved. However, there is another reason why many forms are abandoned and that would be a lack of motivation. What will that person get for filling out the form?

Unfortunately, this is where you need to keep motivation balanced with the speed at which that form can be completed. It is imperative that you remember that people lose patience easily. A good rule of thumb would be to weigh heavily on motivation with a form that takes a maximum of two minutes to complete.

Does it sound redundant? It can’t be stressed often enough, or in enough ways, that the most effective way to prevent form abandonment is to make the process short and easy.

If you lose them in the verification process and need to ask question after question to authenticate their identity, chances are you’ll lose them in the end anyway.

So then, the simplest way to prevent form abandonment is just that. Keep those forms short and sweet by expediting identity verification.

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