How to Disconnect other user from a Wi-Fi Network

Wireless network is such a headache if you haven’t setup a password for your network, sometimes smart guys manage to hack into your Wi-Fi for piggybacking or just by guessing the password. It can let anyone use your Internet connection unusually for any purpose, and  you may face slow Internet connection issue even after having a high-speed plan. There are a few ways by which you can find out “who is connected to your Wi-Fi” and remove them quickly with the help of a few tricks. 
There are few ways to keep your network safe and remove or disconnect users from your Wi-Fi. There are a few good third-party tools for Windows, but I have tried to list only best that helps in finding and disconnecting users with a single click. Who is my Wi-Fi is a great software available for Windows, Mac, and Android as well, although Android version does not support disconnection of devices but shows a list of connected devices.

How to Disconnect other users from Wi-Fi

  • Download and install Who is My Wi-Fi, Who is My Wi-Fi.Who is on my WIfi Screenshot
  • Open application and Scan for connected devices.
  • You can see a list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi adapter.
Click on the cross icon on the right side of their name to disconnect.Disconnect other user from Wi-Fi
In case you never want those devices to connect to your Wi-Fi network again, you can block them from router’s setting through “Mac address filter option”.
To do so
  • Copy their mac address before removing them and then go to your router settings.
  • Go to Wireless Mac address filter option under the Wireless tab in the network configuration of your router.
Disconnect someone from your Wi-fi
  • Now paste the router in the box and select deactivate association option.
  • Save it and you can search again to check.

Remove users direct from router's Wi-Fi setting section

You can also remove users directly from your Wi-Fi settings. Removing or disconnecting users from your network router is comfortable with some routers and sometimes it is tough.
Step 1: - Open Your router setting (Usually address written on the back of your routers like and other similar address. If you don’t find it then refer to user manual of your router)
Step 2: - Enter username and password (required to get access to setting and credentials are printed on the back of router )
Step 3: - Now Find Access management or attached device under setting menu and ban them.
This method is known as Mac filtering and if you are on public Wi-Fi and want to kick out other users try given method below.

How to disconnect other users in public Wi-Fi

When you are on public Wi-Fi, you don't have access to router's setting and to get full benifit of public Wi-Fi you can simply block, disconnect or cut Internet connectivity of other users without awaring them. Which means they will remain connected but their Internet connectivity can be restricted with use of a software called "NetCut". Netcut is arcai's product available for all version of Windows. You can download it from here. You can clone someone's mac and also cut their Internet easily with one click you can also block other users from using the Internet on your Android mobile.

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