How to Install Free Office on a usb

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There is a way you can install free office on a pen drive in both linux and Windows. This can help you carry your own office tool everywhere and that helps you to be comfortable when you don’t have your device. I am using it the same way because I don’t use any other office tools anymore and this gives a upper hand when you are using someone else’s machine.

Recently I wrote about Microsoft alternatives and best one was free office, so I decided to write a few tips and tricks about free office.

How to install Free Office on a USB or Do or Portable install

  1. First of all download and install Free office regularly on your PC and this will let you use it as a normal application as in Windows.
  2. Now go to your main drive (Probably C: ) and Programs > SoftMakers FreeOffice > Utilities > Install SoftMaker FreeOffice on a USB stick.
  3. Now follow the wizards and the program will copy it self you a folder named SoftMaker FreeOffice in your USB drive and your My Documents\SoftMaker folder as well.
After finishing the wizard you can check the files and launch it from your usb drive by clicking on program you want to run.

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